America isn’t a belief.

The destruction of the potential that is the American experiment in a Government by and for the People, is that in making her a belief she dies a slow death. Let me elaborate, as the poison of belief has so infected our society that she needs to return to her agnostic roots. The kind of belief I speak about is the blind faith that somehow America is great because of her God rather than her founding documents and the potential that lies within them. I say potential because that is what she must always remain, to be in The Now, if she is to be true to the potential in our founding Documents. The minute belief is applied then she is to be worshiped rather than tested, served rather than servant. She moves and this is a conceptual move that happens when you believe rather than live in the potential of this moment. We the People shift from ideals to ideology and we have history to see where that leads. Those leading the charge that we must bow to a flag and stand when commanded are those actually desiring to repeat the failure which was the religious nut cases that landed at Plymouth Rock. Its a rewriting of history and its an absolutist version of it to boot a version that makes America a mere belief. She becomes a static ideology fixed in stone rather than a living open potential. When I say by and for the people I am most certainly speaking of We the People in the present tense which requires no faith, just engagement in this big beautiful potential which is the American ideal. Believed things are dead things, look at the conversations today and you will see fantasy thinking about what this kind of stifling belief says she was or else! From a nondual perspective its critical We the People resist such an evangelical bastardization of the American ideal.

Published by Bill

In this moment which dwells in you faith is not only unnecessary its counter to our true open nature.

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