Reckless Faith:

Let us call it what it is, seeing it is determined to call everything that is, what it is not! Reckless Faith by which I mean the denial of what is or what some us have fondly come to call Reality. It’s always been the promise of a better tomorrow without its arrival, lack and fear abounds in what is not! This is not The Way, in fact you can clearly see were this reckless faith is heading. The total disregard for Now, you know that place were you live and have your being. I know I once lived and taught about this coming “isn’t” that would soon replace what is, this is not The Way. I taught about this Reckless Faith that would remove mountains and destroy enemies, while waiting for what is not, in raptured conceptual certainty. A reckless Faith that spoke of the sanctity of life while having a total disregard for the life that is. Not a dream within a dream but one of those nightmares you can’t seem to shake. The Faithless Path is The Way my friends a devotion indeed a love for all that is, which includes the Real you. The Faithless Path embraces what is and when this is seen it become clear you are neither the subject or object of some Faith story. You were never born as some bit player in some cosmic morality play, in which you get to play the guilty party, a sinner from birth. Only a clear rejection of this Reckless Faith is in order here and let me be clear this needs to be a total rejection for this is not the time for half measures. So what promises do you get on The Faithless Path? Not a dam one, except that you become fully present and what is seen is nothing less that an Wonder to Behold.

Published by Bill

In this moment which dwells in you faith is not only unnecessary its counter to our true open nature.

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