Faith & Discontent:

From the non-dual point of view and personal experience, the path of faith leads to discontentment. It’s about waiting and waiting and more waiting, waiting for Jesus, waiting for Heaven, waiting for things to be the way I believe or have been they should be. After all the goal is your best idea of perfect and when’s the last time perfection showed up. This waiting also includes the notion it just might be your fault that you have to wait and in the end the answer just might be No. Waiting is also about projecting conceptually any other place other than Here & Now. Then add other reasons i.e. someone to blame you know that famous scape goat, which could always be you. All this waiting in effect makes Now the place you actually are insignificant, it’s the problem and this false perspective discontentment and the agitation of that impossible projection of the imaginary separate faith person you believe yourself to be. This person cannot be fixed for you most certainly are aware that which isn’t is beyond helping itself.

Published by Bill

In this moment which dwells in you faith is not only unnecessary its counter to our true open nature.

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