Faithless Universalism

To my Universalist Friends

Ever notice in those quiet moments that faith in a-priori Salvation regardless of any act of faith seems to preclude that Universalism is a mater of faith or some achievement of the will. (it’s actually a realization) This disconnect between reality and the nature of faith is the resistance and tension we all feel in the energy body. It’s that sense that that which you seek for is right on the top of your faith-mind. Why do we hold on to such a needless somatic tension this middle man, (the saved one) in the face of that instantly realized reality & truth that reality is one or rather not two. You see Universalism is the escape from the very notion there’s a dam thing to do to earn divinity that you didn’t start with or rather emerge with A-prior. Before the faulty faith duality programming of your youth and the growing and unfulfilled need for faith certitude as an adult. Universalism or as I refer to it as that realization and it’s attending freedom from the belief of beggars and sinners! This my friend is Liberation this my friends is the beginning which never began…👣

Published by Bill

In this moment which dwells in you faith is not only unnecessary its counter to our true open nature.

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