Permenidies on Reality

Now   then,   I   will   instruct   you;   hear   what   I   say:   Two   paths   are   open   to   investigation.   The   first   says:   being   is   and   nonbeing   is   not.   It   is   the   path   of   certainty,   because   it   follows   the   truth.   The   other   says:   being   is   not,   therefore   nonbeing   is.   This   misdirected   path,   I   tell   you,   cannot   lead   to   a   sound   conviction   For,   if   this   statement   were   true,   it   would   not   be   possible   for   you   to   conceive   of   nonbeing,   nor   to   name   it.     Speaking   and   thinking   necessarily   arise   from   being,   because   being   is.   And   nonbeing   is   not.   I   invite   you   to   reflect   deeply   on   this   point,   And   to   move   away,   in   your   search,   from   that   other   path   As   from   the   one   traveled   by   those   ignorant   mortals   Who   are   the   men   of   two   minds:   the   uncertainty   which   resides   in   their   hearts   Misleads   their   wavering   reason.   They   are   swept   along,   Deaf   and   blind,   benighted,   the   masses   without   discernment.

Published by Bill

In this moment which dwells in you faith is not only unnecessary its counter to our true open nature.

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