Faith and the False Identity:

For all the talk of freewill it is for the most part smoke and mirrors. You see long before you made the “freewill” choice to become a believer, the people in your life were dedicated to creating a false identity for the unbounded awareness you are. Not many if any escape this onslaught on their fragile little minds after all you so need their acceptance and what better way then to be who they want you to be. For me personally this occurred on many fronts both in the home and at church. I was told as often as possible who I was and at church this started with me being a sinner, impaired from birth. I was told of demons and angels, heaven and hell, confession and forgiveness, as well as who I was in this faith filled fantasy. Then surprise, surprise as Gomer so often said I made the freewill choice to take Communion. At home what a man was, was confined to the John Wayne men do not cry line of propaganda, its no wonder Men are so afraid to explore the feminine side of their nature. After all you do not want to be a fairy boy do you and you know were all fairy boys go when they die don’t you? Is there any wonder why men are so confused about what constitutes being male in the 21st century, it is a real problem? A sermon could arise at any moment if you crossed your legs the wrong or a gesture looked a little to gay. There is no fixing this False Identity that Faith has created, the only escape is to see that its not you. It is rather a very shallow identity and quite fearful as well because these molders of the false identity are still around pushing the sale constantly. To see this is your first act in true freedom and your first real act of freewill. Your journey in freedom has just begun!

The Faithless Path:

(closer than breathing)                                                                                                                         

As the realization you have been unmoored from the conditioned response that faith is the Only Way to navigate through life, you are for all intents and purposes adrift & alone.  Help is needed at moment in time as you are yet unaware Sailboats were designed for sailing.  The greatest danger to your liberation exists at this first glimpse of freedom because you have no understanding of setting sail much less navigating in open waters.  Faith will no longer to serve you in this open awareness but on the contrary will haunt you with all the certainties of a Harbor safety.  The truth is you do not know this new realm nor who you truly are apart from the false certainties of faith and that is OK.  You see one cannot believe their way through this glimpse of reality with prayers or magic thinking.  What to do?  This moment of existential crisis not only cannot be avoided but to do so is to lay the wrong foundation for liberation.  There is no escape or escapee for that matter, the sky is indeed falling in the world of faith you have been bound to through no choice of your own. It is important to sit with the fact that you are clueless as to how to proceed in Open Awareness.  You do not know, and the faith tools you were taught are as useless as tits on a Bull.  What to do?  This is not a time for some answer that sums everything up so you can believe it and then add to your list of spiritual accomplishments.  That person who walks by faith and not by experience is of no value in Open Consciousness. Faith is not a substance in this reality nor is it evidence of things not seen, other than that of ignorance.  But what to do?  Notice that tension arises with the notion you might not have a master key that can be followed by an amen.  Our faith backgrounds arose in a time of fear of the unknown and therefore has little or no curiosity built into it.  This lack of curiosity takes many forms and one of them is a lack of diversity of thought and imagination. Notice in silence how the body reacts to the uncertainty of pure open curiosity, this is neither right nor wrong.  Remember the you who made all these choices that led to so many certainties are itself a construct of faith and therefore a fiction of a mind’s imagination.  Curiosity starts with a question rather than a statement of faith, so listen to your language, take your time friend there no rush.  You’ll soon discover all that rushing belongs to a story about you that is now being questioned but remember “these things must be done delicately.  What to do?  Well in all honesty it does not matter because this doing that is an act of faith will only serve to frustrate and what will really cook your noodle is this faith doer is the default setting of this faith conditioning.  My teacher says we are not the violin but rather the player, the violin can never know the artist.  Observe how faith pervades our daily life, like how our likes and dislikes are often nothing more than pre-programed prejudice.  Entertain the notion if you can, that you do not know what you love until you drop the Faith Person you take yourself to be, by faith, sounds circular does’ it.  This is the point in this writing where the Faith Person or in other words Persona is free to leave along with unfortunately the awareness it has ensnared.  I’ve nothing to sell or as Crazy House said, “one does not sell the land the people walk upon.”  This faith action cannot be interdicted by that which is imagined, which if you will only observe this after the fact.  It was John Lennon who asked the question, “imagine there’s no heaven I wonder if you can, no hell below us above us only sky.”  The only way to do this is to question this Traveler as well as the reality of her or his destination.  I’ve no need to mince words here this is the very core of the problem and if you are not ready but rather are preparing a debate defense.  Now is the time to stop reading before the onset of your very own Personal existential crisis.  What to do?  Understand this is about freedom not as it were a freedom lost or found nor something or someone somewhere else.  It is rather like those sunglasses on the top of your head that you have been looking for.  Notice that the truth of the matter is an effortless realization, once that is someone Woke points out the obvious.  That is my part in this humorous play, effortlessly pointing to the obvious despite a strongly held belief to the contrary.  Did I just say I was Woke?  Yes, I did, this confidence takes some time to fully settle into to.  What keeps the obvious from you is a thin thread a mustard seed of faith if you will, so depending on how tenaciously you hold a contrary belief the stronger its deception.  Notice this Awakening is a truth that is faith free indeed faith was and is the impediment, this awakening is effortless, it is seen to have always been the Truth from the very beginning of your search.  Again, be so exceedingly kind to yourself, after all you are not alone in this fog of faith, for at an early age most of us are taught to walk by faith and not the Truth of the Awareness!  It has been said by many a sage that “you are the Truth you’ve been looking for” so if you’re ready to stop the fruitless effort to discover the obvious, I see something wonderful before me.  What to do then is really a question of faith and this is the Faithless Path a discovery, a realization that is closer than breathing.  So, are we Ready, this moment is absolutely faith free and therefore what is the reality of this moment is faith free as well? Why is this moment faith free, its faith free because its unalterable by any figment of your egos use of faith projecting?  Any attempt to conceptually wish away what is, is the very definition of fruitless.  This conceptual position of the doer is in constant projection mode, to come to a stop if it could be the beginning of the end of its leading role and shaper of futures.  Stop and do not believe a word I say at this moment, just be quiet and notice this clown as my teacher would say takes the bow for the Ballerina at the center stage.  Watch this faith projecting machine pump out opinions on everything while being nothing at all but a reference point for memory.  Is it seen yet, and I put the question this way for a reason?  For it will become painfully obvious (no faith required) that the seeing is not what is being seen by this I mean that certain auto response of the faith person, judger of the Cosmos!   Therefore, so many well-intentioned truth seekers follow a path that includes faith projecting.  At that very instant you are (not you) moored once again and confined, the unbounded held in sway by a trick of the mind. Subject object, Subject object, Subject object, like do not like, like don’t like, like don’t like, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, is it seen yet?  Take your time, that was a Joke. 🙂

Reckless Faith:

Let us call it what it is, seeing it is determined to call everything that is, what it is not! Reckless Faith by which I mean the denial of what is or what some us have fondly come to call Reality. It’s always been the promise of a better tomorrow without its arrival, lack and fear abounds in what is not! This is not The Way, in fact you can clearly see were this reckless faith is heading. The total disregard for Now, you know that place were you live and have your being. I know I once lived and taught about this coming “isn’t” that would soon replace what is, this is not The Way. I taught about this Reckless Faith that would remove mountains and destroy enemies, while waiting for what is not, in raptured conceptual certainty. A reckless Faith that spoke of the sanctity of life while having a total disregard for the life that is. Not a dream within a dream but one of those nightmares you can’t seem to shake. The Faithless Path is The Way my friends a devotion indeed a love for all that is, which includes the Real you. The Faithless Path embraces what is and when this is seen it become clear you are neither the subject or object of some Faith story. You were never born as some bit player in some cosmic morality play, in which you get to play the guilty party, a sinner from birth. Only a clear rejection of this Reckless Faith is in order here and let me be clear this needs to be a total rejection for this is not the time for half measures. So what promises do you get on The Faithless Path? Not a dam one, except that you become fully present and what is seen is nothing less that an Wonder to Behold.

America isn’t a belief.

The destruction of the potential that is the American experiment in a Government by and for the People, is that in making her a belief she dies a slow death. Let me elaborate, as the poison of belief has so infected our society that she needs to return to her agnostic roots. The kind of belief I speak about is the blind faith that somehow America is great because of her God rather than her founding documents and the potential that lies within them. I say potential because that is what she must always remain, to be in The Now, if she is to be true to the potential in our founding Documents. The minute belief is applied then she is to be worshiped rather than tested, served rather than servant. She moves and this is a conceptual move that happens when you believe rather than live in the potential of this moment. We the People shift from ideals to ideology and we have history to see where that leads. Those leading the charge that we must bow to a flag and stand when commanded are those actually desiring to repeat the failure which was the religious nut cases that landed at Plymouth Rock. Its a rewriting of history and its an absolutist version of it to boot a version that makes America a mere belief. She becomes a static ideology fixed in stone rather than a living open potential. When I say by and for the people I am most certainly speaking of We the People in the present tense which requires no faith, just engagement in this big beautiful potential which is the American ideal. Believed things are dead things, look at the conversations today and you will see fantasy thinking about what this kind of stifling belief says she was or else! From a nondual perspective its critical We the People resist such an evangelical bastardization of the American ideal.